Christos Koutsopoulos

founder of LeaDay

is a graduate of Business Administration and Hotel Management from the University of Strasbourg Schiller International University.

He has extensive knowledge in hotel operation in all departments including Finance, Operations, Food & Beverage Sales, Marketing and Human Resources.

His 30 years career has been varied and far-reaching with positions as CEO, Head of Hotel section and General Manager in local and multinational companies. In the meantime, he has accomplished several honors and awards.

Focused to lead businesses with full responsibility in all departments, for the best corporate results by implementing efficient and innovative practices whilst ensuring the satisfaction of clients but in the meantime creating a work-friendly environment for its teams.

A devotee of continual education and HR Development has successfully completed distinguished programs in the fields of Leadership and Management, Psychology, Positive Psychology, Life & Business Coaching and Neurolinguistics Programming, having already a valuable experience as an Academic Consultant, lecturer in educational institutions as well as personal and team coach.