In LeaDay we believe that a successful business is built through a common vision to achieve your goals.

Investing in people,
we develop your greatest assets

Don’t adjust the goals. Adjust the action steps


The LeaDay team, with extensive experience in managing human resources and also with significant knowledge of leadership development methods, technical and personal soft skills, goal setting and efficiency, will create your tailor-made programs.

LeaDay believes that continuing training is the strongest means of achieving this target and that is why employees and employers recognise its importance on a personal and professional level.

Our trainers will create a very well-trained workforce who can handle new challenges and seize opportunities, adding value to your business.

We can do For you With You

Your success is our only business


Our training programs are designed by high skilled seminar trainers to develop the skills and capabilities of your employees, in such a way that enhances your position and profitability and ensures long-term relationships with your customers.

  • Upselling Sales Management
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Conflict Management & Complaint Handling
  • F & B Cost Control and Service
  • Hotel Training by department


Coaching is a dynamic process of personal development, through which you can achieve personal and professional goals, based on your values, preferences and uniqueness, implemented through:

  • Team meetings to improve the cooperation of the team members, increasing efficiency for the company in combination with a balance in professional and personal life
  • Individual sessions for executives to achieve specific goals in a short time

Mentoring is an advisory relationship between an experienced executive in his workplace who acts as a role model, teacher, mentor and protector for the less experienced professionals. The goal is the ‘’mentee’’ to develop his/her business skills to achieve success earlier than you may have on his/her own.