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Hospitality advisory

LeaDay is ready to offer you consulting services and recommendations to choose the right hotel operator during the selection process, ensuring your business growth and profitability.

Our hospitality consultants, with a deep understanding and cooperation with global brands, bring their expertise to your hotel business when it comes to choose operator by facing efficiently complex challenges and moving fast and precisely to achieve your plans for your property.

Our recognised background secures the advisory process from A to Z focusing on the market’s segmentation and demand, appropriate selection of operator, enhancement of the local community and long lasting relationships among partners that lead to an overall success of the investment.

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  • Proposing the right segment of the hospitality market
  • Evaluating the potential operator’ brand, portfolio, performance, financial offerings, regional presence, local characteristics and help you shortlist and selecting
  • Evaluating the segment’s competition, market’s demand and potentiality
  • Overseeing the after selection process assisting negotiations, overseeing the stages of the legal agreement